About us

Beauty and challenge of living together

We are 14 sisters of whom 12 solemnly professed, one with simple vows and a postulant. Having difference in nature, character, origin, culture, life experiences, passions (fascination), gifts, and ages, we not only love to be together in prayer, work, recreation, meals, but above all, we prefer to walk together towards a union of hearts which goes beyond our simply living under the same roof and being, rather, appreciating each other, and carrying the burden of each other, and having mutual interest for our lives.

We feel similar to the women of the gospel who followed Jesus (cf Lc 8), along with the apostles, and were with Him, listening to His Word, serving Him with their goods, riches and properties. And what are our riches, if not we ourselves and our communion of life or our fraternal life? So we seek to give a privileged place for fraternal moments, to be being together, sharing in words and deeds.


Our Rule begins by reminding us that “the main reason you have come together” is not only the prayer or the salvation of souls or preaching, which are fundamental, but, as the Rule reminds us, the first reason for which we are gathered together in community is to live in harmony, having one mind and heart in God”. The fraternity is at the heart of the Dominican charism. And living together is our barrier against the evil that is in the world. It is a real form of conscientious objection. Life in the monastery, in fact, is our active participation in the hard conquest of peoples peace. The “communion of life” is our response to the profound anguish of today’s humanity, which lives the inner fracture of what it dreams and what it really lives. Every day, we experience those same contradictions but God purifies us through our communion of life. We like to call it that way, because it’s not just living together among the four walls, as it would require a “common life”, a barracks and many other “human” realities. Communion of life, on the other hand, is to give first place to Christ and to find in him the source of unity: he alone can make us able to overcome barriers, win selfishness and give life to one another. Communion of life is not just a “human” experience: it is to enter in God and live his Trinitarian ways,  where each of the Three, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit does “nothing” to receive the gift of the other. And in “accepting other person”, one find one’s own true identity. Communion of life, then, draws its force only from God. It is born from the contact with Him and it is “having space” for the other. It’s building a home where everyone finds well to be. Because “Life in the Spirit” is  beautiful and desirable! The most remarkable news is that living “one mind and one heartl” is possible because we have met a God who is in three real Persons who love each other, and gives us His very love.